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F. A. Qs

Q. What should we wear??

A. Families bold colors always look nice! They make you stand out in a picture. Always try to coordinate to! Maybe different shades of the same color. Seniors wear whatever suits you! Just as long as mommy and daddy approve.


Q. Where do you take pictures at?

A. I have multiple places I shoot outdoors. I do also have a small studio. I am willing to travel but depending on the distance I may require a travel fee. I am open to your ideas as well.


Q. Should I bring anything?

A. I have quite a few props.Your more than welcome to bring things you want in your photos. In example - Children with there favorite toy.....Maternity pictures with your ultra sound picture.........Seniors Seniors Seniors!!! Bring along what makes you You! If you like reading bring some books, sports? bring some of your equipment such as a baseball, a glove, and a bat. Music? bring your instrument. Like to shop? bring shopping bags from your favorite stores. The possibilities are endless.


Q. What does my session include?

A. During your session I take many many photos multiples of same poses and all we don't want any blinking or hair in faces cause of wind do we?

After your session I sort through all the photos taken and choose the ones I feel are best. Then I edit them. During the edit process I touch up the color, your skin by removing blemishes, whitening eyes and teeth, getting rid of most stray hairs, and unwanted background distractions. Mommies to be I can get rid of stretch marks as well.


Q. How long will it be before I see my proofs?

A. My turnaround time for getting proofs done is rather fast... Only takes me a couple weeks if that, but depending on my time frame with other sessions its possible to be a little longer. All photos would be for sure done within 30 days.


Q. How do I order my prints?

A. Just give me a call or send me a email and ill order them once I receive a minimum of at least half your purchase order. I require half down before I place the order then require the final payment due when you receive your photos.

***My photos prints are all of professional quality and not Walmart prints!***


Q.How long will it take to receive my prints?

A. I send my orders to a professional lab so they ship them to me then ill meet up with you to give them to ya. You would receive your orders in 2 weeks or less after you order with me.

***Depending on your order size it might take a little longer...I will tell you if it will be longer when you order***

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